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What can eateria do for you?

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Create and send unlimited beautifully designed emails, text messages, Facebook and Twitter posts in minutes. Choose from the largest collection of restaurant and food industry specific email templates already optimized for mobile devices, like iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad.

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By tracking your marketing efforts, you’ll know results right away – with zero guess work! Find out how many emails were opened, shared on social media sites, and how many coupons were printed and redeemed at your business.

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End coupons reprints easily by validating every coupon by smartphone, landline or Internet. Know your ROI and discover how many customers came into your restaurant and redeemed their coupons.

eateria helps you
do it all!

It’s like having your own marketing assistant for your business.

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Who is using eateria?

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What people are saying about eateria?

  • Demetri Kopley

    I used to send emails using Constant Contact but I couldn’t tell who came in and what money was made. Now we know who printed and how many (coupons) were brought into our restaurant with eateria’s phone and mobile validation system.

    Demetri Kopley, Co-owner and GM Wild Monk Bar
  • Michael Martin

    We don’t want to deal with managing the restaurant and also managing technology so we signed up for a managed account. They do everything for us! We couldn’t be happier. Now we can focus on our guests and their overall dining experience.

    Michael Martin, Owner Le Peep Cafe & Grill
  • Chef Nella Grassano

    With eateria we are able to send our weekly specials to our customers by email, text message, Facebook and Twitter all from one single click. I also like the fact that our customer information belongs to us.

    Chef Nella Grassano, Owner Pizzeria De Nella
  • Niko Kanakaris

    Instead of working with Groupon, and many other losing companies out there, we decided to build and only reward loyal customers instead. With eateria, we are actually making money.

    Niko Kanakaris, Owner Nikos Lodge
  • Mariena Briceno

    For a long time we have been searching for a company where we can do everything to promote our restaurant and not have so many vendors to pay until we found eateria. We pay one bill and we can reach them anytime we want! They are super fast.

    Mariena Briceno, Owner Bulerias Tapas Bar Chicago
  • Chef Mark Grimes

    We used to gather and pile up our comment cards and customers business cards with no one on our staff able to add them into our email system for months. Now eateria does this for us and helps us send our emails.

    Chef Mark Grimes, Owner Tap House Grill, Highwood

Start building loyalty. Keep customers coming back!

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